New York City 9/35

How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours

We'll Be Happy In the Kingdom

Will the Waters Be Chilly

The Ship That's Sailing High

Ida Red

Take A Whiff On Me

Lonesome Road Blues

The Murder of Harry Simms

The House Carpenter

Outshines the Glittering Sun

God's Getting Weary With Your Wicked Ways

Amazing Grace

How Firm A Foundation

I Don't Know What You Want to Stay Here For

Lord Bateman (part 1)

Lord Bateman (part 2)

Poor Ellen Smith

The Miller's Will

Pretty Polly

On Top of Old Smokey


Old Joe Clark

Barbara Allen

Never Let Your Woman Have Her Way

Omie Wise

Farewell, Sweet Jane

The Brown Girl

The Outlandish Knight

The Orphan Girl

The Blind Girl

The Downward Road Is Crowded

Ten Thousand Miles

The Beauty Bright

The Boston Burglar

Weevily Wheat

Cumberland Gap

The State of Arkansas

The Little Mohee

Joe Bowers

Come All You Fair and Handsome Girls

The Butcher's Boy

The Roving Gambler

I Was Born About Four Thousand Years Ago

Sugar Babe

Darling Corey

Wild Bill Jones

John Henry

Lady Margaret and Sweet William

Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own

Katy Dorey

Rye Whiskey

Dry Bones

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