Diego Martin 4/62

This session features the music that accompanies a bongo or “wake-house ritual.” Alan Lomax: "Bongo songs are sung for accompanying the bongo dance at a wake. The only instruments of music used are the 'croix-croix' [qua qua]—two pieces of bamboo stick about 18" long struck against each other in a cross-wise direction. There is also hand-clapping done by members of the group who are not dancing." The recording was made at Covigne Road in a Club House and lasted from around 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. next day. Children's songs, a lullaby, and an American pop tune sung by Elah, Nollie, and Yvonne Andrews.


Sambo Caesar

Interview with performers about Sambo Caesar


Bongo Macedonia

Crow Mammy Crow

Gables Gables

Abide With Me

Bring It With A Willing Mind

Diamon' In Da Ring

Pass Manuel / Something There To Cool You


Joy-ce-la-la Mahabir

O Daniel

Mama Moi-è Bouilli Di-riz Doux (with introduction)

Mois De L' Amou' (with introduction and concluding speech)

Mois De L' Amou' (fragment)

Mois De L' Amou' / Arise And Open The Door

Announcement by unidentified man (I)

Introduction to Oh Boy Le' We Pull De Wood by unidentified men (II)

Oh Boy Le' We Pull De Wood

Rock De Baby To Sleep

Down Below (Mosquito And Sand-Fly)

O Sailor Boy (Soldier, Soldier)

I'll Be There

Take Down The Blind / If You Want To See A Monkey Dance

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