Diego Martin 5/62

This session features songs and stories that would be performed at a bongo (i.e., wake ceremony). Performances include game songs and hymns.


Crow, Mommy Crow (I)

Gables (I)

Crow, Mommy Crow (II)

Gables (II)

Interview with bongo performers

Jonah Gone



Who Killed The Coolie Man?

Interview with Austin Charles about Who Killed The Coolie Man

Dorothy Rambo


Riddles and jokes told by Ben Thomas

Interview with bongo performer about drums

Creole story

Mama Mouin-li Bouilli Di-riz Doux

Story of God's bird

Story Of Mister James (part 1)

Story Of Mister James (part 2)

The Morning Star Begins To Rise (I)

The Lord Is My Shepherd

The Morning Star Begins To Rise (II)

I Touch My Finger With A Golden Pen

I Saw The Light House, Amen / We're Goin' Down To Jordan

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