Gingerland II 7/62

This session features three different ensembles. It begins with a fife and drum group performing instrumental tunes, followed by a scratch band performing instrumental tunes interspersed with speeches and banter, and concludes with a calypso group. Roger Abrahams and Antoinette Marchand are the interviewers on this session. Some of the recordings (as well as speech transcriptions) can be found on Caribbean Voyage: Nevis and St. Kitts (Rounder CD 1731).

Masquerade Walking Piece (false start)

Masquerade Walking Piece

The Pig Jump Out The Pen (false start)

The Pig Jump Out The Pen

Bye, Lola, Till Morning

Quadrille (I)

Quadrille (II)

Masquerade Rag

Streets Of Laredo (fragment)

Unidentified waltz (I)

Intermission speech

Unidentified waltz (II)

Jingle Bells

Speech (I)

Unidentified dance tune (II)

The Motion Tune (I)

Past Eternity To Ladies And Gentlemen / Happy Introdukement To You / Mister Highback

Alan Lomax requests a tune

White Christmas

Speech (II)

The Motion Tune (II)

Interview with scratch band about Christmas walking songs and other festival performances

I Wish I Had Wings

Poor Josiah

Nevis Without A Payday

The Tragedy At Brimstone Hill

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