La Plaine II 6/62

Story-telling, kont, boat-pulling songs, digging songs, and work songs from the sawpit.

La Riviere Roseau

Interview with Raphael Hurtault about his biography and La Riviere Roseau

Pull Away Bully Boy

Interview with Benort Zavier about Pull Away Bully Boy

We Leno Decoum Moins Sa Mande

Interview with Raphael Hurtault about We Leno Decoum Moins Sa Mande

Erie Couche Y Parca Leve

Interview with Benort Zavier and others about song texts and instruments

Annou Hele Houre

Interview with Christian Beaupierre about Annou Hele Houre

Cricket Lovely Cricket

Join This Food Campaign

Fille-Mwen Valentin (part 1)

Fille-Mwen Valentin (part 2)

Madam De L’Oiseau

Oloton Pepe

Wake game / Gables


Vent La Venté


Mwen Pa Danse

Buenas Noches

Announcement of setting by Alan Lomax

Dekouwe Bwa-la

Balata Belle Bois (false start)

Balata Belle Bois

We Leno (I)

We Leno (II)

Si kou li-o-o (I) (false start)

Si kou li-o-o (I)


Si kou li-o-o (II)

Ma Ti-oui No Ti Mama


Di Yo Pa Hele Pou Nou

Moune Parle Francais

Lamo Pa Dou (I)

Lamo Pa Dou (II)

Interview with Dixon Athanase and others about the text to Lamo Pa Dou

Ti Boy-o

Henri-o (false start)

Henri-o (part 1)

Henri-o (part 2)

Ah, Ah Y Kwaze (I)

Bensa Sinavé (false start)

Bensa Sinavé


Malheureux Ouvier (I)

Malheureux Ouvier (II)

Discussion about house moving

Nainaire-o Bois Hole

Way-a, Way-a, Titin-o

Interview with Emerson Alphonse and others about boat pulling songs

Siro, Siro

Ah, Ah Y Kwaze (II)

Monkey Drunk, Stand Below

Pull Away Bully Boy (false start)

Pull Away Bully Boy

Rose-o Mwen Rosi-a

Di Yo Sa


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