Maraval 5/62

This session features performances by a tamboo bamboo ensemble as well as a number of carnival speeches/boasts by leader/singer Vasco de Freitas. A tamboo bamboo ensemble consists primarily of bamboo stamping tubes of different sizes that are played in a hocket-like fashion.

Congo Bara (I)

Congo Bara (II)

Fire Brigade Water The Road

Interview with Vasco de Freitas and band about tamboo bamboo performance and instruments (with demonstration)


Moma Moma

Carpral Odjoe

Moin Soti Da Ho

Mayaro Ma Pedi

Lorizon Moin

Zigzy Ta La La

La Vie Moin Insho Salmana

Rollo The Ganja (Midnight Robber Carnival speech)

Interview with Vasco de Freitas about carnival speeches

Carnival Introduction (Carnival speech)

Alphabet A-Z (Carnival speech)

Boast (Carnival speech)

Son Of The Savannah (Hercules theme)

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