Port-of-Spain II 4/62

Performances involve a number of music and dance styles, including shango (music and dance honoring the orisa deity of fire) and kalenda (Trinidadian dance modeled on the movements of a martial art, accompanied by drumming and song). All of the performances are accompanied by a three-drum ensemble and generally employ an alternating chorus-leader singing style. Alan Lomax: "The tunes listed above were sung by members of the Upper Laventille Youth Movement and arrangements for them to be recorded were made by the adults [sic] organizer—Mrs. L. Mulrain who provided the electricity and the hall in which the recording was done. The recording began at 9.45 p.m." Francis Carton was very versatile both as a drummer (cutter) and as a singer of the Shango songs. Sam Emmanuel is an experienced drummer who has drummed for broadcasting over radio stations in Trinidad.