Toco II 5/62

This session features a number of spoken and musical performance styles, including cantefables (spoken and sung stories), bongo (music and dance accompanying a wake-house ritual), shango (music and dance honoring the orisa deity of fire), and work songs. All of the songs are performed solo. The performances are either a cappella or the singers accompany themselves with handclapping, tapping, and foot stomping.

Mister Rabbit And Mister Lion

Mother, I Come to Court Your Daughter

One Fine Summer's Morning

As I Was Walking

Tom Gone Away Aboard The Magalena

Come, Baby, Come

It Is Time For Man Go Home

Story of how Bartholomew's child was stolen by the dwen

Stories about the dwen and encounters with other demons

The Boy And The Mouth Organ



Ay Saraja

The Animal Language

The Two Rum Drinkers

Good Night Ladies / Bongo-lo

Archie Voile

Interview with Bethel Bartholomew about Archie Viole

Passé Messieurs

Interview with Bethel Bartholomew about game songs

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