Barrow-On-Humber 1/54

January 1, 1954 to January 31, 1954
Barrow-On-Humber, North Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom
Recordings of the Plough Play (a Mummer's Play performed on Plough Monday, the first Monday after Twelfth Night) in Barrow-On-Humber. The cast is: Tom Fool: Frank Bell / Thrashing Blade: Wilfred Bell / Beelzebub: Jesse Mumby / Hopper Joe: Tom Stanley / Musical Jack: Bill Stanley (63 years old) / Besom Bet: Roy Lawrence / Hobby Horse: Luke Stanley (22 years old) / Ploughboy: Maurice Broughton / Dame Jane: Percy Housam / Recruiting Sergeant: Kenneth Bell / Lady: Norman Bilton / Indian King: Jack Martin / Doctor: Joseph Wilson / Foreign Traveller: Rowland Thompson.

We're All Jolly Fellows That Follow The Plough

The Plough Play (part 1)

Follow Me Down To London / Luke's Tune

The Plough Play (part 2)

The Courtship Song

The Plough Play (part 3)

The Farmer's Boy

The Outlandish Knight

Interview with Luke Stanley about The Outlandish Knight (Lady Isabel And The Elf Knight) and Lincolnshire animal commands

Interview with Luke Stanley and Jack Martin about the Plough Play

The Bonny Blue Handkerchief

The Bold Grenadier

Interview with Bill Stanley about The Bonny Blue Handkerchief

Interview with Luke Stanley about The Bold Grenadier (The Nightingale)

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