Middleton-in-Teesdale 4/51

April 20, 1951 to April 21, 1951
Middleton-in-Teesdale, Durham, England, United Kingdom
Ballads and local songs in dialect sung by Mark Anderson and Thomas Raine; dance tunes played by Anderson (melodeon), Robert Beadle (piano), and Tommy Beadle (fiddle).

Unidentified reel (I)

Unidentified waltz

Unidentified reel (II)

The Rakes Of Mallow (I)

Old Towler (part 1)

Old Towler (part 2)

Unidentified song (fragment)

Unidentified dance tune (I)

Unidentified dance tune (II)

Old Black Joe / Swanee River

While London Sleeps

The Teesdale Hills

The Rakes Of Mallow (II)

Lovesick Bonnie Lassie

Unidentified dance tune

Let The Clouds Roll By

Durham Jail

You Gallant Poacher Lads

The Bonny Moorhen

Interview with Mark Anderson about The Bonny Moorhen and broadsheet peddlers

High Force Agriculture Show (fragment)

High Force Agriculture Show

Little Bo Peep

The Oyster Girl


Grandfather's Old Arm Chair

The Farmer's Boy

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