Ashland 6/37

The Little Family of Bethany

Billy In the Lowground

Franklin Roosevelt

Hell and Scissors

Oh Brothers, Will You Meet Me

My Warfare Will Soon Be Ended

Some Of These Days

Sea Line


Kitty Kline (fragment)

The Twelve Commandments

The Last Appeal

Lead Her Up and Down (Rosabackalina)

Kitty Kline

The Great Judgement Morning

The Assassination of Governor Goebel

The Devil's Dream

The Crucifixion of Christ

All Alone

David, David, Yes, Yes

No One to Love Me Like Jesus

The Rowan County Troubles

Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies (fragment)

Lovely Nancy

Pearl Bryant

Coal Creek Troubles

Sweet Susan

Commentary on her son's conversion

Commentary on religious experience

You've Been So Good To Me

The Blind Man's Lament

No Corn On Tygarts

Dr. Humphrey's Jig

The Nigger's Wedding

I Am Bound for the Promised Land

When Jesus Christ Was Here Below

My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me

Jerusalem, My Happy Home

Lonesome Dove

I Have No Mother Now

We Shall Sleep But Not Forever (fragment)

The Wounded Soldier

Rockababy Buntin'

I Love My Rooster

Paper of Pins

I Had Me A Cat

Pretty Polly

Often Visions By Faith

The Titanic

Down In the Valley

God Is Worried With Your Wicked Ways

The Butcher's Boy

I Am A Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow

We Shall Know Each Other There

I Shall Be At Home With Jesus

I Have A Father Over Yonder

I Want Jesus To Walk With Me

Joseph and Mary

The Little Family of Bethany

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