Harlan 9/37


Rye Whiskey

The Murder of the Peddler and His Wife

Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly (recitation)

The Ship That Never Returned

The Billy Goat Song

The Bald-Headed End of A Broom (part 1)

The Bald-Headed End of A Broom (part 2)

The Little Carpenter

Bangum and the Boar

If You Want To Go To Heaven

Oh Father Will You Meet Me

In the Promised Land

Jesus Is A Rock In A Weary Land

Hear the News, Mary

When We All Get To Heaven / We'll Lay Down the Bible and Go Home

So Freely, Lord

I'm Just From the Fountain

We'll Cross the River of Jordan / I'll Never Turn Back Any More (fragment)

Bright Morning Stars Are Rising

I Wonder Where My Father's Gone

Our Father's Gone To View That Land

Father's Got A Home

Oh Glory to the Dying Lamb

Oh Father Adieu

Oh Father, Yes, Let's Go Down In the Valley to Pray

Die In the Field of Battle

Let This Warfare Be Ended

We Have Fathers Up In Heaven

It's the Old Ship of Zion

I Once Had A Father

The frog song

The frog story

Introduction to Coal Creek War

Coal Creek War

The Two Johnnies

Shoot That Turkey Buzzard

Run, N----r, Run

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