Hell for Certain 10/37

Go In and Out the Window

Little White Daisy

Green Gravels

Jenny, Put the Kettle On

Needle's Eye

Skip to My Lou

Chew My Chawing Gum

Soldier, Soldier, Would You Marry Me

When the Train Comes Along

Go Wash In the Beautiful Pool

The Orphan Children

The J.B. Marcum Song

Pretty Saro

The Adkins Song

The Moonshiner Song

Dream of the Miner's Child

Darling Corey

My Renfro Valley Home

C.C.C. Blues

That'll Do Now

Blue Denim Blues

Letcher County Burglar

Pretty Fair Maid In the Garden

In the Pines

Lord Daniel

Willie Moore (part 1)

Willie Moore (part 2)

Lula Viers

The Great Reaping Day

Loving Henry

Leslie County Jail

Little Bird

In Dolen Town City

Texas Rangers

I'm Just As Rich As You

The Wild and Reckless Motorman

A Poor Orphan Left Alone

A Few More Days In Sorrow

Don't You Want to Go to that Land

My Head and Stay Is Called Away

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