Hyden 10/37

October 3, 1937 to October 14, 1937
Hyden, Leslie County, Kentucky, United States

Madam, I Have A Very Fine Farm

I'm Going Down the River, Georgia Line

Ellen Smith

Hook and Line

Ida Red

Cripple Creek

Lulu Wall

It's Nobody's Business If I Do

Wild and Reckless Hobo

Free A Little Bird

Casey Jones

The Hog-Eyed Man

Sam Bass

John Hardy


Cumberland Gap

Charming Betsy

Old Bell Ewe and Little Speckled Wether

Cumberland Gap / Buck Creek Girls

Arkansas Traveler (Part 1)

Arkansas Traveler (Part 2)

Glory In the Meeting House

Sourwood Mountain

John Reilly

Old Rosin the Beau

The Cruel Brothers

The Clear Waters

Loving Nancy (part 1)

Loving Nancy (part 2)

Green Grows the Laurel

Only Flirting

Lady Margaret and Sweet William

Pretty Saro

The Wife Wrapt In Wether's Skin

The Moon Is Shining Bright

Pretty Fair Maid In the Garden

Her Age I Did Not Know

Here You Stand All In this Ring

The Blind Man's Song

Lord Daniel

Lord Daniel (conclusion)

My Dearest Dear

Old Gum Boots and Leggins

I Loved You In the Days of Joy (false start)

I Loved You In the Days of Joy

Sweet Island's Hill (part 1)

Sweet Island's Hill (part 2)

Johnny's on the Sea (part 1) (#1)

Johnny's on the Sea (part 1) (#2)

Johnny's on the Sea (part 2)

The Brown Girl

Get Out of the Way, You Whiskey Seller

I've Rambled This Country Both Early and Late

The Wife Wrapt In Wether's Skin

I Wonder Where My True Love Is

Garfield Is Not A Dandy Man

Sourwood Mountain

Fly Around My Blue-Eyed Girl

Wagoner (#1)

Wagoner (#2)

Rocky Island

Cotton-Eyed Joe

Hand Me Down My Old White Hat

Uncle Hardy Lige Morgan's Hog Song

Spruce Pine hog song (#1)


Spruce Pine hog song (#2)

Lovely Nancy

Times Is Getting Hard (fragment)

The Wife Wrapt In Wether's Skin

The State of Arkansas (part 1)

The State of Arkansas (part 2)

Lost Girl

Nigger Inch Along

Pretty Polly

John Henry

Going Down the Road Feeling Bad

Unidentified fiddle tune


Buck Creek Girls

Hook and Line / I Wish To the Lord I'd Never Been Born

Natchez Under the Hill

Shortenin' Bread

High Chicken Roost

Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek

Sally Goodin (#1)

Sally Goodin (#2)

Give the Fiddler A Dram

The Last of Sizemore

Old Christmas

You've Got to Walk that Lonesome Valley

Sourwood Mountain

Old Joe Clark

Nigger Inch Along

East Virginia Blues

Leather Breeches


I Love Somebody

Billy In the Lowground

Sally Goodin

Leather Breeches

Cacklin' Hen

You Got to Cross That Lonesome Valley

Hickory Jack

Glory In the Meeting House

Billy In the Lowground

Bonaparte's Retreat

Pretty Polly

The Hog-Eyed Man

Leather Breeches

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