Hyden 9/37

Lady Margaret and Sweet William (part 2)

Lady Margaret and Sweet William (part 1)

The Cuckoo

Courting Is A Pleasure

The Drunkard's Dream (part 1)

The Drunkard's Dream (part 2)

The Mermaid

Tom Boleyn

Joe Bowers

The Hanging of Ed Helkins

Lord Bateman

The Lily of the West

My Dearest Dear

Erin's Green Shore

The Girl I Left Behind

My Friends Have Been the Cause of A Great Separation

Seven Long Years

I Am A Wild and Wicked Youth

Most Fair Beauty Bright (fragment)

Once I Courted A Fair Beauty Bright

Locks and Bolts (part 1)

I Am A Man of Pleasure

I Am A Poor Stranger

The Bailiff of Hazeltown's Daughter

The Driver Boy

The False True Love

Glory, Glory, Glory

Locks and Bolts (part 2)

Lady Gay

Pretty Polly

The Butcher's Boy

Don't the Road Look Rough and Rocky (part 1)

Don't the Road Look Rough and Rocky (part 2)

The Orphan Child

Barbara Allen

The Dying Cowgirl

Lord Daniel (part 1)

Lord Daniel (part 2)

The Death of Dewey Lee

Little Son Hugh

John Hardy

John Hardy (Part 1)

John Hardy (Part 2)

The Blind Child

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