Sibert 10/37

October 7, 1937 to October 9, 1937
Sibert, Clay County, Kentucky, United States

Beautiful Home Sweet Home

Since My Mother's Dead and Gone

I Have No Mother Now

Poor Little Joe

Heaven Bells Are Ringing (I'm Going Home)

We Will Lay Down the Bible and Go Home

The Silver Dagger

The Little Mohee

The Wreck of Old Number Nine

The Cowgirl

The Crawdad Song

The Little Mohee (Part 1)

The Little Mohee (Part 2)

I Want A Girl With A Pair of Big Blue Eyes

They Say It Is Simple To Flirt

Barbara Allen (Part 1)

Barbara Allen (Part 2)

Lonesome Jailhouse Blues

The Knoxville Girl (Part 1)

The Knoxville Girl (Part 2)

Beautiful Home Sweet Home

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