Marrowbone 9/42

After recording the annual Alabama Sacred Harp Convention in Birmingham, Alan Lomax and George Pullen Jackson visited sisters-in-law Effie Wilson and Addina Palmore Wilson in Marrowbone, Kentucky, where they recorded them singing play-party songs and ballads with dulcimer and "dingle bow" accompaniment.

Early, Early In the Spring

The Quaker's Courtship

Jimmy Randall

Kitty Alone

A Rich Old Miser

The Little Pig

Come Hither and Thither and Trip Together

Fair Lander

The Dying Cowboy

Jenny Jenkins

Omie Wise (fragment)

Willie Was the Only Boy His Mama Had

Sweet Nellie

The Alphabet Song

Skin and Bones

Pretty Fair Miss All In Her Garden

The Quaker's Courtship

Dulcimer tuning discussion

Kitty Alone

Mary On the Wild Moor

Barbara Allen (fragment)

Old Joe Clark

The Little Mohee

I Love Somebody (I)

I Love Somebody (II)

I Love Somebody (III)

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