Kentucky 1942

September , 1942
United States
After recording the annual Alabama Sacred Harp Convention in Birmingham, Alan Lomax and George Pullen Jackson visited cousins Effie Wilson and Addina Palmore Wilson in the Marrowbone community of Cumberland Co., near the town of Burkesville in south-central Kentucky, where they recorded their performances of play-party songs and ballads with dulcimer and "dingle bow" accompaniment. Effie tuned her dulcimer’s six strings in unison and noted it with a heavy goose quill cut to about six inches. The dulcimer was made by Sanford Harvey of Willow Shade in Metcalfe County, Kentucky, and the dingle bow by Joe Aiken of Cumberland County, about 1937. Effie (1903–1986) was a teacher in Cumberland County one-room schools and a community historian. Nothing is known as to how the Wilsons came to Lomax’s attention.

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