Parchman Farm 4/36

April 13, 1936 to April 17, 1936
Parchman, Sunflower County, Mississippi, United States
John Lomax's second recording trip made to Parchman Farm.

I'm Working My Way Back Home

Can't Pick Cotton, Can't Pull Corn

Them Long Hot Summer Days

If You White Folks Wanna Learn to Play Poker


I'm In Trouble

Midnight Special

John Henry

John Henry

Calling trains (#1)

Calling trains (#2)

Lining track

The Badman (Pretty Sadie)

Levee camp holler

I Got My Pistol

I'll Pack My Suitcase


Written Down My Name On High

I Was Setting On My Western Wagon

Oh You Can Slip Your Collar

Oh Come Here, Dog, And Get Your Bone

Got His Eyes On You


Milk Cow Blues

Hooking Cow Blues

Howling Wolf Blues

Unidentified blues

Mobile Bay

Golden Circle Around the Sun

I Won't Be Uneasy 'Bout My Dyin'

Mobile Bay

It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad

There Was A Man

Oh Lord Gal, I Got A Lifetime Sentence

I've Been Working for Mister Charley

Just A Few Days Longer

They've Taken My Lord Away

It's A-Leaking In This Old Building

Outshine the Sun

He's A Dying Bed-Maker

I Shall Not Be Moved


I'm In His Care

Lord Have Mercy When I Come to Die

I'm Troubled All About My Soul

Captain George Got the Record

Midnight Special

When I Went to Leland

Captain George

I'm Gonna Wake Up In the Mornin'

Oh Now Lord, Don't You Leave Me


Everybody Got to Reap What You Sow

Got No Traveling Shoes

Be Ready When He Comes


Shepherd, Shepherd, Where Did You Leave Your Lamb?

Milk Cow Blues

When I Lay My Burden Down

Trouble In My Home


Field hollers

Po' Lazarus

I Am A Pilgrim and A Stranger

French Blues

Red River Blues

Unidentified blues

High-Rolling Sergeant


Hear the Lamb A-Bleatin’, ’Way Round The Mountain


Po' Lazarus

I'm A Stranger

I'm Gonna Wear that Long White Robe


Long Hot Summer Days


You're Gonna Need My Help Someday

Po' Girl Long Ways from Home

Some Folks Say the Devil Was Dead

I Got A Man in New Orleans

When It Rains Five Days (Backwater Blues)

How'm I Doing It, Hey Hey

Oh Freedom

So Soon I'll Be At Home

Hand Me Down the Silver Trumpet

Going On Up the Shiny Way

Field hollers

Alphabet toast

Way High Up

Did You Hear About the Water Boy Getting Drowned

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