Parchman Farm 8/33

The first of the Lomax recordings made at Parchman Farm—songs and hollers recorded in several of the penitentiary's camps.

All I Want

Hush Your Mouth

blank band

And He Never Said A Mumblin' Word (#1)

The Gulf Is A Long Railroad

All I Need

Sis Joe

You Kicked and Stomped and Beat Me


Black Gal

Waterworks In Georgia

Bad Man Ballad


Po' Lazarus (#1)

Po' Lazarus (#2)

Strange Things Happening In the Land

And He Never Said A Mumblin' Word (#2)

Take This Hammer

Little Billy Marie (fragment)

This Train (#1)

This Train (#2)

I Heard A Mighty Rumblin'

Little Billy Marie

My Baby Sister Keeps On Writin'

T for Texas

Drink My Morning Tea


East Colorado

Let Your Bangs Hang Down

Alabama Bound


Alabama Bound

One Mornin' at the Break of Day

Levee Camp Holler

John Henry

Brady, Brady

John Henry

Little Baby Frenchman (fragment)



Bad Man Ballad

I'm Troubled About My Soul

When You Look Way Cross that Lonesome Stream

In the Bye and Bye

Thank You Master

Little David, Play On Your Harp

I Just Stand, Wring My Hands and Cry

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord

The Dangerous Blues

Prison Rider Blues

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