Clarksdale 8/42

August 8, 1942 to August 9, 1942
Clarksdale, Coahoma County, Mississippi, United States

Opening announcement

I Love the Lord, He Heard My Cry



I'll Fly Away

Use Me, My Lord, Use Me

Toasts, folk tale, and interview (part 1)

Toasts, folk tale, and interview (part 2)

Stories of a conjure man and blue-gummed people / Toast

Do You Want A Little Bit of This?

Test (Unidentified blues)

Wind Howlin' Blues

Roamin' and Ramblin Blues

At the Cross

Scripture lesson

When I Can Read My Title Clear (part 1)



I'll Fly Away

Prayer after the sermon (part 1)

Prayer after the sermon (part 2)

Prayer after the sermon (part 3)

Take My Hand, Precious Lord, Lead Me On

Announcement of recording

Sermon: Kingdom Unity (part 1)

Sermon: Kingdom Unity (part 2)

Sermon: Kingdom Unity (part 3)


Just A Little Talk With Jesus



Go Preach My Gospel, Saith the Lord

Missionary prayer

Missionary sermon (part 1)

Missionary sermon (part 2)

Missionary sermon (part 3)

Missionary sermon (part 4)

Missionary sermon (part 5)

Closing prayer

Closing prayer (fragment)


Announcement/Prayer (fragment)


Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Crying Holy Unto the Lord (Woe Unto Your Soul)

Hold the Wind (#1)

Hold the Wind (#2)

Interview about sacred songwriting and old-time reels and songs

Interview about old-time reels and levee camps

Interview about sinful instruments; levee camp incidents; work songs; old-time dances and reels; banjos, guitars, and tent shows.

These Days Got Everybody Troubled

Interview about geopolitics and race relations

The Natchez Theater Fire Disaster

What A Storm (Storm of '42)

I'll Be Glad to See the Son When He Comes

I'll Be Glad to See the Son When He Comes (conclusion)

Where Shall I Be When the First Trumpet Sounds

Motherless Children

I'm Going Home On the Morning Train

A Charge to Keep I Have

Discussion of funeral customs (part 1)

Sermon on Job

Shine On Me

Discussion of funeral customs (part 2)

Interview about songwriting and song-peddling

The Titanic

Strange Things Happening In the Land


Tent-show monologue

The Ugliest Animal, the Baboon

Big Mosquitos

The Man Who Walked On the Water Like Christ

The White Doctor and His Servant

John Loses the Race

John (Jack) Guesses What's Under the Pot

John and the Lord

The Preacher and His Hogs (part 1)

The Preacher and His Hogs (part 2)

Discussion of the Swift Peter (the dog killer)

The Preacher Who Could Always Be Trapped By Pussy

The Woman Who Couldn't Count

The Lady and Her Three Daughters

Bring Me My Duck

White Man, Jew, and a Negro Go to Heaven

The Ox and the Mule

The Jew and the Irishman at the Cemetery


Unloading steel from cars

Interview fragment/ambience

Sinking rails and joining iron

Spiking down

Shuffling/catching ties (#1)

Shuffling/catching ties (#2)

Interview about the benefits of whiskey; maintaining at work; negotiating differences in foremen; Bacon's work history

Interview about Georgia Skin and gambling / Jack O' Diamonds

Lining/calling track

Break the News to Mother (fragment)

Coon, Coon, Coon (I Wish My Color Would Fade)

Interview about whites' attitudes towards blacks

Break the News to Mother

The State of Arkansas

Interview about his musician father


The Late War

Ollie Jackson (#1)

Travelin' Man

Fox Hunter's Song

Our Goodman

Take A Whiff On Me

Duncan and Brady


Interview about riverboats and roustabouts

Interview about compulsory labor; freedom of movement; bad men; obeying white folks

Down On the Farm

Show Me the Way to Go Home

I'm A Rowdy Soul

My Old Mistress Promised Me / Interview about dances and courting

Toast (Doodly Doo)

I'll Keep My Skillet Greasy If I Can / Old Dog Blue / Sally Goodin

The Dummy Line

Didn't He Ramble

Interview about Sheriff Greek Rice outlawing music

Story of the rabbit and the buzzard

Interview about ghosts

Ollie Jackson (#2)

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