Medon 8/41

I'm Packing Up, Getting Ready to Go


Get Right With God

A Charge to Keep I Have

Sermon (part 1)

Sermon (part 2)

Sermon (part 3)

Sermon (part 4)

Somebody Touched Me

Testimony / prayers

Calling the Mourners

Long meter hymn / Mourners' bench scene

Soon One Morning

Worship service

I'm Going Home On the Morning Train / Announcements



I'll Be Waiting Up There

I'll Fly Away

I'm Gonna Stay On the Battlefield

I Love the Lord, He Heard My Cry

Bible reading (Romans 10)

Long meter hymn / prayer

So Soon I'll Be At Home


Closing prayer

Announcement about recording

Where Shall I Be (When the First Trumpet Sounds)


I'm Gonna Stay On the Battlefield Till I Die (duplicate)

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