Imilchil II 9/67

Songs and chants by shepherds and camel drivers in the vicinity of Imilchil, High Atlas region. Singers recorded include Sheikh Hamidu Muh of Aghbala (High Atlas) and Mbarak Moha of Goulmima (Sahara). In this session, many languages are often spoken on the same track. Lomax's interpreter probably has some difficulty with this particular dialect of Tamazight, as he frequently switches to Moroccan Arabic in conversation. For interviews with the shepherds and camel drivers, we have listed "Tamazight" because they respond in their native language. For translations and commentaries we have listed "French," as these tracks are intended to be explanations (in a more commonly-understood language) of the original texts. Lomax's notes: "Imilchil—handling sheep—3 shepherds' songs, interview—handling camels—3 camel songs with interview."

Shepherds' calls and whistles

Conversation with the shepherd, Sheikh Hamidu Moh

You Have Abandoned Me

Translation of You Have Abandoned Me

Commentary by unidentified interpreter and Alan Lomax on You Have Abandoned Me

Shepherd's song

Interview with Sheikh Hamidu Moh

Shouts to drive away wild animals

Conversation between Alan Lomax and the shepherds

Commentary by Alan Lomax on recording details

Camel calls

Camel calls / interview with the camel driver, Mbarak Moha

Camel driver's song (part 1)

Commentary on camel driver's song (I)

Camel driver's song (part 2)

Commentary on camel driver's song (II)

I Don't Mean Any Harm (part 1)

Interview with Mbarak Moha

I Don't Mean Any Harm (part 2)

Translation of I Don't Mean Any Harm


The Pious Man

Interview with Said Abbouj

There is No Cure for Love

Translation of There is No Cure for Love

Poverty is Loneliness

Translation of Poverty is Loneliness

Conversation between Lomax's interpreter and camel drivers

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