Aberdeen I 7/51

Fiddle tunes played by Hector MacAndrew, both ballads sung by John Mearns, his wife, and friends, and children's game songs and rhymes sung in the street in front of the Mearns' house by the Mearns' children and their friends who "lived round the corner." For those childrens' songs which Lomax did not credit specifically, "Cedar Place children" has been used as the performer and is made up of all or some of the following: Jack Mearns, Kathleen Mearns, Pat Cushnie, Jennifer Cushnie, Jim Hunter, Willie Hunter, Norma Watt, Tom Watt, Arthur Ronald, Christopher Ronald, and Gwen Ronald."

Mussolini Is Dead (II)

The Wind, The Wind Blows High (II)

The Left-Handed Fiddler (fragment)

The Dean Brigg / Banks Hornpipe

Lord MacDonald's March To Harlowe

Johnny Sangster

Katie Bairdie

The Craw Killed The Pussie-O

The Dying Ploughboy

My Mother Has Three Butter Platties

Mormond Braes

Pennyworth O' Preens

Guise O' Tough


Barnyard O' Delgaty

Dying Man's Prayer

Sleepytoon (fragment)

Jelly On The Plate (I)

An Angel Said To Me (I)

My Mother Gave Your Mother

All The Boys In London (I)

Robert Burns Was Born In Ayr (I)

I Know A Teddy Bear

Jelly On The Plate (II)

All The Boys In London (II)

All The Boys In London (III)

An Angel Said To Me (II)

Robert Burns Was Born In Ayr (II)

Ippetty Soopitty

Eetle Ottle, Black Bottle

The Wind, The Wind Blows High (I)

Harry Lauder Shaved His Father

Mussolini Is Dead (I)

Cowboy Joe

I'm Gaun Awn In The Train

Little Sally Walker

My Little House

Green Grows The Laurel

My Gal's A Corker

An Angel Said To Me (III)

One Two Three Alairy / PK Penny Packet / Mrs. Mopp / Chicka Tony

Kiltie Johnnie

Money Musk / Maggie Cameron / The Laird Of Dunblaine / The Left-Handed Fiddler

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