Garrygall 6/51

June 26, 1951 to June 27, 1951
Castlebay, Eilean Siar, Scotland, United Kingdom
Stories and songs by lobsterman Neil Gillies and his sister Mary Gillies, Lomax's hostess in Barra.

Song of Old Man MacNeill

Story of Old Man MacNeill

Unidentified spinning song

’S chunna mise mo leannan (I Saw My Love)

Interview with Neil Gillies about his life as a fisherman

’S faill ì faill èileadh hò rò

Mhurchaidh bhig nan gormshuil greannmhor (Little Murdoch Of Beguiling Eyes)

O ’s fhada bhuainn Anna (Far Away From Us Is Anna)

Bidh an deoch-s’ air làimh mo rùin (This Drink Shall Be To The Hand Of My Love)

Interview with Mary Gillies about her mother's songs and wool work

O ’s moch an-diugh a rinn mi gluasad (Early Today I Moved Out)