Garrygall 8/51

August 1, 1951 to August 2, 1951
Castlebay, Eilean Siar, Scotland, United Kingdom
Milking, churning, and waulking songs from Barra. It is unlikely that all of these songs were recorded in the same location, as the milking songs are accompanied by the sound of milk in a pail—work that was done by women by themselves at their homes. However, these women do gather later for a waulking. Because they are all from Barra their performances have been included here together. The tape box bears a note suggesting that T3390 is a collection of dubs. Tapes 3390 through 3394 are milking and waulking songs recorded in Barra, probably at the home of Mary Gillies, and performed by a combination of Mrs. Gillies, Annie Johnston, Sandy MacNeil, Mary MacNeil, and Rachel MacLeod, and are occasionally joined by Mary Gillies' brother Neil. The tape boxes do not provide accurate song titles or performance credits, therefore they are listed generically here until the material can be edited by a Gaelic speaker familiar with waulking songs. It is unclear if T3395 and T3396 were recorded over these August dates or is from earlier meetings with Annie Johnston and Mary Gillies, respectively. (The date with Gillies was held on June 27, 1951.) They have thus been included here.
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