Glasgow 1951

These dubs from disc were made by Lomax from the Permanent Record Library of the BBC in Glasgow, presumably with the forthcoming Columbia World Library albums in mind. Original recordists, dates, locations, and accession numbers when known, are listed in specific tracks' notes. The tape box credits for T3397 and T3398 are very jumbled, or the contents of these tapes were later cut into different combinations and kept stored in their original tape boxes. We have tried to identify the performers and performances to the best of our ability.

Queen's Welcome To Deeside / Maggie Cameron / Ragmore House

Miss Maule's Strathspey / King's Reel / Miss Lyall's Reel

Unidentified pipe tune

Souters Of Selkirk

Bressay Lullaby (album edit)

Unidentified fiddle tune (II)

The Hen's March To The Midden

Unidentified waulking song (I)

Unidentified Gaelic song (I)

Hò Rò Mo Chuachag

S i Mòrag a Rinn a' Bhanais/A Nighean Donn 's Toigh Leam Thu

Làrach do thacaidean

Héman dubh hi rì oro

Hó Na Filibhig Chunnacas Bàta

Psalm 73, Verse 23 (Whom Have I In Heaven But Thee)

Psalm 103 (Kilmarnock tune)

Psalm 80, Verse 5 (Stornoway tune)

Orange And Blue

Unidentified song

Mrs. MacLeod's Reel

Psalm 43 (Walsall tune)

The Road To The Isles

Farewell To The Creeks

Unidentified dance tune (fragment) / Announcement by unidentified BBC announcer

The White Cockade / Portree Men / Langstrom

Announcement by unidentified BBC announcer

Jimmy's Fancy

Unidentified waulking song / Gur tu mo ni’n donn bhòidheach (You Are My Beautiful, Brown-Haired Maiden) / Conversation in Gaelic

Charlie, O Charlie

I Climbed The Shoulder Of The Hill

The Secret Lover

My Heart Feels For You, Hector

You Have Bet Again, Calum

Isle In The North

Lassie Wi The Yallow Coatie

The Guise O Tough

Boston Two-Step

MacPhee's Boat

Unidentified song of an old maid

Unidentified dance tune (I)

Unidentified fiddle tune (I)

Unidentified jig

Unidentified dance tune (II)


Bressay Lullaby

The Duke Of Roxburgh's Farewell To Blackmount Forest

Bonnie Anne

There Was A Lad Born In Kyle

Blue Bonnets Over The Border


The Cock O' The North

Unidentified pipe tune (I)

Unidentified pipe tune (II)

Fliuch an Oidhche



Pibroch Of Donald Dhu / 79th's Farewell To Gibraltar / Inverness Gathering

Eightsome Reel (fragment)

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