Charleston 7/37

July 15, 1937 to July 16, 1937
Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina, United States
Recording of Rosa Warren Wilson's "Plantation Echoes" program, at Charleston's Hibernian Hall, described by John or Ruby Lomax as "A Folk Play In Three Acts written and directed by Rosa Warren Wilson—cast, Negroes from Wadmalaw Island." Only two of these acts were recorded, and were identified as "Tuesday Night In Dixie, A Spiritual Meeting" (AFS 1048A1–1051B3) and "Act II—Plantation Twilight Burial" (AFS 1052A1–1054B2; 1304). It is unclear whether the former was Act I or III. The only participant positively identified is "Uncle" Caesar Roper, who who is almost certainly singing on every ensemble track, although he is only listed here for those on which he was credited in the AFS catalog. The program consisted of spirituals, sermons, prayers, stories; Lomax also recorded several sacred pieces, dances (unaccompanied and instrumental), and personal narratives by cast members. Ms. Wilson offers commentary (some highly problematic) throughout. For a discussion of Wilson, the Wadmalaw Island singers and their repertoire, as well as the local connection to George Gershwin and "Porgy and Bess," see

Remember Me

Lining hymns (part 2)

Lining hymns (part 1)

I Am Some Poor Mother's Child

Commentary on Wadmalaw Island worship meetings

The Smalset

Slave story

Ring dance

Dances (#4)

Dances (#3)

Dances (#2)

Dances (#1)

Daniel In the Lion's Den

Funeral sermon (part 1)

Let Your Will Be Done

Do Wait For Me

Goin' In the Wildnerness

My Father Is A Witness, Oh Bless God

Funeral sermon (part 2)

Sleep On, Mother

Till We Meet Again

Come With Me

Jesus On the Mainline

Sermon: This Old Man Don't Last Always

I Heard the Angels Singing

Semon: Marching Through An Unfriendly World

Commentary on Plantation Echoes / Drinking of the Wine (part 1)

Drinking of the Wine (part 2)

I'm Going to Meet You In That Land

Troubles Will Be Over

Sermon: Jesus and Zacharias / Jesus Love Us

I Wonder If I'll Ever Reach Home (part 2)

I Wonder If I'll Ever Reach Home (part 1)

Prayer (part 2) / Unidentified song

Prayer (part 1)

I Got An Ark On the Ocean Sailing (part 2)

I Got An Ark On the Ocean Sailing (part 1)

Bell ringing (fragment)

He Never Said A Mumbling Word (part 2)

He Never Said A Mumbling Word (part 1)

I'll Fly Away (fragment)

John Henry

Commentary on Plantation Echoes by Rosa Warren Wilson

Introduction to Plantation Echoes by unidentified man

Corrine, Corrina

I Am Some Poor Mother's Child

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