Clemson 6/39

June 10, 1939 to June 11, 1939
Clemson, Anderson County, South Carolina, United States
Sacred pieces, play-party songs and children’s games sung by the Owens family, plus several spirituals performed by a quartet of WPA ditch-diggers led by Phil Butler, recorded at the home of the renowned journalist and memoirist Ben Robertson.

Go Preach My Gospel

A Rough and Rocky Road

New Burying Ground

Your Mama's A Lady

I'm Runnin' From the Fire

Goblin Man

The Miller Got Drownded

Blue Bird

The Chariot Wheel

You Better Run

Old Aunt Dinah

A Turkey Ran Away

Let Me Fly

Shoo Robin

New Burying Ground

Sometime I Feel Like My Time Ain't Long

Communion Hymn

The Gospel Train