Murrells Inlet 8/36

August 30, 1936 to August 31, 1936
Murrells Inlet, Georgetown County, South Carolina, United States
Sacred songs and topical pieces performed at the Murrells Inlet home of folklorist Genevieve Chandler, and preaching, hymns, and worship service from two local churches, Jerusalem Baptist and Heaven’s Gate Methodist. (Performances from the churches suffer frequent overmodulation.)

Blind Man

Heaven Is A Beautiful Place

Mind, My Brother, How You Walk On the Cross


John Write A Letter This Morning


Unidentified short-meter hymn

Have You Decided Which Way to Go?

Old Time Religion

I've Got Another Building

We’re Goin’ To Break Bread Together On Our Knees

I Don’t Want To Run This Race In Vain

I Got A Hiding Place

Worship service

Don't Take Everybody For Your Friend

Heaven Is A Beautiful Place, I Know


Nebuchadnezzar And Belshazzar

Doubting Thomas

Heaven Is A Beautiful Place

Ballad of the '93 storm

I Am Out On the Ocean Sailing

The Cuckoo

The Shoemaker

Stay In the Field

Jesus Will Fix It For You

Story of the '93 storm

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