Memphis II 10/59

A Saturday night radio broadcast from the Hart Temple in Memphis, featuring spirituals sung by the Famous Smith Radio Chorus, and sermons. Only the group of girls singing on Tape 902, tracks 2, 6, and 10, are identified as the Famous Smith Radio Chorus; it is unclear whether the other singers at the Hart Temple were considered part of the Chorus or not, so they are not identified as such here.

No One Else Than Him

There Is Not A Friend Like Jesus

Opening prayer

Sing Till The Power Of The Lord Come Down (I)

Broadcast announcement and dedication

I Know A Man

Broadcast announcements and commercials

Make It Somehow

Testimony by Sister Littlejohn

Praise by Rev. L.L. Lockhart

Sermon by Rev. L.L. Lockhart

What He Done For Me

Sing Till The Power Of The Lord Come Down (II)

God Is A Wonder In My Soul

No Tears In Heaven

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