Memphis IV 10/59

Spirituals and preaching at a service of the Great Harvest Missionary Baptist Church, at their temporary home at the New Browns Chapel in Memphis. According to the announcement made by the "narrator" in the middle of T904.1, the congregation choir is under the direction of Mrs. Lulabelle Johnson. Other credits she gives, including her own, are indecipherable.

Collection address / I Wonder Will We Meet Again?

I'm Going Home On The Morning Train

Preaching by Reverend Reynolds

Don't You Know It'll Be All Right (I'll Overcome Some Day)

Prayer by Reverend Kelly


Sing Till The Power Of The Lord Come Down

Did You Ever See A Man Like Jesus

Vacation In Heaven

What A Fellowship

Get Right Church And Let's Go Home

Sermon: Forgetting the Past / I Love the Lord, He Hears My Cry

Free At Last

Preaching / Unidentified lining hymn

Collection speech (part 1) / Unidentified lining hymn

Collection speech (part 2)

Unidentified lining hymn

Introduction to Steal Away

Steal Away

I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray

The Whole World In His Hands

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