St. Simons Island I 10/59

Shouts, ring play songs, lullabies, spirituals, and work songs performed by the Georgia Sea Island Singers (known as the Spiritual Singers of Coastal Georgia at the time), recorded at St. Simons Island, off the coast of Brunswick, Georgia. Lomax note in the tape log: "The Group: Bessie Jones, John Davis, Willis Proctor, Joe Armstrong, Henry Morrison, Peter Davis, Jerome Davis, Ben Ramsay. Group 2 members: George Cohen, Ruth Ozell, Leola Harris, Jerry Harris, Viola McQueen, Emma Lee [Ramsey?]." It is not clear exactly which group is singing behind Bessie Jones and the other leaders on tape 926. It is assumed that it is the second, as female voices are prominent throughout the chorus. However, there may have been combinations made of singers from the first and the second groups. Lomax didn't list specific singers besides the song leaders, so there is no way to know for sure.
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