Texas City 1969

A lecture and performance given by Alan Lomax in Texas City, Texas, on April 19, 1969. Lomax illustrates the development of American folk music through New England hymns to Black spirituals and bad-man ballads. The recording was given to Lomax by Robert P. Shinn.

Commentary on John A. Lomax's first experiences with cowboy songs

Goodbye Old Paint (fragment)

Commentary on John A. Lomax's college literature studies

Jesse James (fragment)

Commentary on Jesse James and American oral literature

Trail Of The Buffalo

Commentary on recording with John A. Lomax

Poor Farmer

Commentary on folklore as vocation

Go Down, Old Hannah (fragment)

Commentary on Go Down Old Hannah and Hobart Smith

My Good Old Man

Commentary on Cotton Mather, rattlesnakes, and Springfield Mountain

Springfield Mountain

The Rattlesnake Song (Texas version) (false start)

The Rattlesnake Song (Texas version)

Story of a mountaineer and his ornery streak

Rattlesnake, What Makes Your Teeth So White? (fragment)

Commentary on the American propensity for violence

The Dying British Sergeant

Commentary on outlaw songs and songs of New England

Whiskey In The Jar

Commentary on bad man ballads

Durant Jail

Commentary on African-American influence in American folk music

Duncan And Brady


Commentary on early American settlers

Honor To The Hills

Story of a freed slave

Inching Along

Commentary on inconsistent American ideals, Protestant guilt, and Davy Crockett in love

Loving Hannah

Commentary on courtship in slavery days

Horse And Buggy

Commentary on synthesis of African-American and Southern Appalachian singing styles


Commentary on the builders of America

Get Up, Jack, John, Sit Down

Commentary on African-American seamen and the Georgia Sea Islands

The Old Tar River

Commentary on track-lining songs and song-collecting in Florida by

Jack The Rabbit

Commentary on Paul Bunyan and Woody Guthrie's reputation

Union Maid

Commentary on Woody Guthrie, the CIO, Southern prison farms, and civil rights

It's Almost Done

Commentary on freedom marches and civil rights songs

Oh, Freedom

Introduction of Masters Of War

Masters Of War

Introduction of Down By The Riverside

Down By The Riverside (fragment)

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