Southern U.S. 1959 and 1960

1959 to 1960
United States
In 1959 and 1960, Alan Lomax revisited the American South to record the still-living stream of traditional music in newly developed stereo sound with the support of Atlantic Records. The collection features some of the region's most representative musicians and styles: Delta blues guitarists, fife-and-drum ensembles, Sacred Harp singers, Ozark and Appalachian ballad singers, and prison work gangs. Performers include Sidney Carter, Vera Ward Hall, Sid and Rosa Lee Hemphill, Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers, Wade Ward, Mississippi Fred McDowell, J.E. Mainer, Neil Morris, E.C. Ball, Almeda Riddle, Hobart Smith, and Ed Young. English folksinger Shirley Collins assisted Alan Lomax on the 1959 trip, and his daughter, Anna Lomax Wood, helped him on the 1960 trip. The endeavor resulted in a seven-album series issued on Altantic Records in 1960, reissued on CD as Sounds of the South, and in a twelve-volume series on Prestige International, reissued in 1997 on Rounder Records as the Southern Journey series of the Alan Lomax Collection.

800 black and white photos and color slides represent Alan Lomax's 1959 and 1960 collecting trips in the Southern U.S., and the guitarists, banjo players, fiddlers, ballad singers, church congregations, songsters, fife-and-drum ensemble, and vocal groups he met.

Unidentified Southern United States

Unidentified Como 9/59

Parchman 9/59

Senatobia II 9/59

Alabama in transit 9/59

Unidentified Mississippi 9/59

Whitesburg II 9/59

Mississippi in transit 9/59

Landis 10/59

Greers Ferry 10/59

Unidentified Arkansas 10/59

Norfolk 5/60

Weems or Whitestone 5/60

St. Simons Island II 4/60

Memphis I 9/59

Bluefield II 8/59

Salem 8/59

Huntsville 9/59

Memphis II 10/59

Hughes 10/59

Timbo 10/59

Livingston 10/59

Weems 5/60

St. Simons Island I 10/59

Memphis III 10/59

Blackey 9/59

Bluefield I 8/59

Ark 4/60

Tate County 9/59

Mayking 9/59

Como II 9/59

Memphis IV 10/59

Fyffe 9/59

Parchman 10/59

Portsmouth 5/60

Parchman 9/59 (Camp 11)

Concord 10/59

Williamsburg 4/60

St. Simons Island III 4/60

Parchman 9/59 (Camp B)

Como III 9/59

Parchman 9/59 (Camp 7)

Warrenton 5/60

Belleville 4/60

Harmontown 9/59

Lexington 9/59

Whitesburg I 9/59

Williamson 9/59

Senatobia I 9/59

Tyro 9/59

Como I 9/59

Chilhowie 9/59

Galax 8/59

Rugby 8/59

Hillsville II 8/59

Hillsville I 8/59

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