Yakut 8/64

August 9, 1964
These Yakut songs were collected and given to Alan Lomax by Eduard Alexeev. They were originally recorded in Armenia, U.S.S.R., in 1962. Notes on tape: "Yakut sing only monody or unison in dance—never polyphonically—they sometimes sing with a two-tongued jaw's harp. The shamans have totally disappeared. The Yakut had a 3, 2, 1 stringed fiddle—not a traditional instrument— introduced by the Russian cultures—the one we saw was a yard long held against the belly."

Soruk Bollur Yryata (The Song Of The Messenger)

The Song Of The Hero Of The Lower World

Talba-talba Tatyiana (The Beautiful Tat'iuna)

Uluu Elienini Uruiduubun (I'm Glorifying Great Lenin)

Byttyk-byttyk Maapyiabyn (My Comely Maria)

Kyllaakh Aryy (The Island Kyllakh)

Makhsyakhalyyr Suruksut (Our Pen-Pusher Maksimka)


Taatta Uluuha Ohuokaia (Round Dance Song From Tatta District)

Uus-Aldan Uluuha Ohuokaia (Round Dance Song From Ust'-Aldan District)

Biuliuiu Uluuhugar Ohuokaia (Round Dance Song From Vilui Districts)

Olëkuma Uluuha Ohuokaia (Round Dance Song From Olëkma District)

Motuona (Matrëna)