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Soviet Union 1964

In 1964 Alan Lomax visited the Soviet Union to attend the International Anthropological and Ethnological Congress in Moscow and to gather recordings for his comparative research on world folk song style. Ethnomusicologist Anna Rudneva guided Lomax through archives in Leningrad and Moscow, where he made copies of recordings from former Soviet nationalities and ethnic groups, including Tatar, Uzbek, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Buryat, Georgian, Bashkir, Tajik, Turkmen, Kalmyk, Ossetian, Mordva, Yukaghir, Even, Tuvan, Yakut, Russian, Mansi, Samoyede, and others held in the Rudneva Collection, the Moscow Conservatory Collection, the Georgian Archive, Radio Moscow, and other repositories. While there, Alan Lomax himself recorded music of artists from Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia. There are approximately ten hours of material. Although this material primarily consists of items recorded by other scholars, it has all been included for the sake of access. The names of many of the collectors and singers are unknown; Lomax made note of those that he was given. All rights in these recordings belong to the sources and archives from which they were originally copied.

Ossetian 8/64

Mordva 8/64

Yukaghir and Even 8/64

Tuva 8/64

Russia 8/64

Radio Moscow – Kalmyk 8/64

Yakut 8/64

Sidili 8/64

Georgian 8/64

Azerbaijan 8/64

Radio Moscow – Russian 8/64

Radio Moscow – Bashkir 8/64

Uzbek 8/64

Radio Moscow – Kazakh 8/64

Radio Moscow – Kirghiz 8/64

Radio Moscow – Buryat 8/64

Radio Moscow – Tajik 8/64

Radio Moscow – Turkmen 8/64

Various USSR 1939–1964

Radio Moscow – Georgian 8/64

Radio Moscow – Tatar 8/64

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