Pamplona 12/52

December 31, 1952
Pamplona, Iruña, Navarra, Navarra, Spain
Alan Lomax returned to the Basque Country at the end of his stay in Spain, driving back and forth between small villages over the last two days of December 1952 and the first few days of January 1953. Earlier Basque recordings were made in August 1952.

Para ser un buen Navarro

Dicen que me ha de matar (false start)

Dicen que me ha de matar

De acarrear de Montebajo (false start)

De acarrear de Montebajo

Eres como un canario

Lottery ticket seller's cry


Lottery ticket seller's cry / Bells of Pamplona Cathedral

Bells of Pamplona Cathedral

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