Seville 9/52

September 19, 1952 to September 24, 1952
Seville, Sevilla, Andalucía, Spain
The field log notes that the first three reels were recorded at a nightclub in the suburbs of Seville which featured "Gypsy dancing and music" and goes on to say that the first reel is a typical nightly show and the second two reels are songs that were performed especially for Lomax. ("Chocolate" died in July 2005.) Tape 675 was recorded in the Capilla Real of the Cathedral of Seville, by the organist Don Manuel Jiménez, Plaza de Santa Isabel 1. He plays dances and popular airs in the intervals between sections of the Mass. One choral piece is sung by young female members of the Sección Femenina de la Falange Española (the Women’s Branch of the Spanish Phalanx)." Tapes 677-679 were recorded in the "frighteningly poor" as Lomax put it in his notes, neighborhood of Seville, the Barrio Cemetario. Lomax notes several times that the recordings in Bar Luis were made at 4:00 a.m. Field log: "an all-night juerga [drinking bout and singing session] in Bar Luis down near the market in Seville. The singer and guitar player were paid for the evening by a wealthy man, Manuel León (Pepe la Triana) who invited me to come with my machine. The guitar player, El Rubio, Juan Antonio Martín, is the contact… the singer was a Gypsy named José Chamorro Pérez." After the all-night session, around 8:00 a.m., Lomax recorded several street vendors' cries.
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