Texas 1939

10 hours of recordings made under the aegis of the Library of Congress' Archive of American Folk Song by John A. and Ruby T. Lomax during a six-week field-trip through East and South Texas. Fiddle tunes; love songs and children's games (in Spanish and English); cowboy/vaquero ballads; blues, sacred material, and work songs from several institutions in the Texas Department of Corrections; and fragments of El Buen Ladron (The Good Thief), a passion play preserved by the Lopez family of Sugarland.

Sarita 5/39

Houston I 4/39

Houston IV 4/39

Houston II 4/39

Houston III 4/39

Clemens State Farm 4/39

Ramsey State Farm 4/39

Sugarland 4/39

Brownsville I 4/39

Blalack 4/39

Brownsville II 4/39

Brownsville III 4/39

Kingsville I 5/39

Kingsville II 5/39

Pipe Creek 5/39

Medina 5/39

Goree State Farm 5/39

Comanche 5/39

Taylor 5/39

Walls Unit 5/39

Cummins State Farm 5/39

Liberty Hill School 5/39

Burkeville-Newton 5/39

Wiergate 5/39

Falfurrias 4/39

Huntsville 5/39

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