Houston III 4/39

Wood was the author of "Mother Goose In the Ozarks" and "The American Mother Goose." Some of the songs he sings were collected for these books; he offers some brief introductions. He was raised in Arkansas and had previously recorded for Lomax in 1937. Wood describes the recordings as made "in a little room under the ramp of a storage garage in Houston, Texas"

Roll On the Ground, Boys

Chew My Tobaccer

Sally Lost Her Petticoat

Johnny Get Your Gun

The Old Soldier Who Had A Wooden Leg

Leather Britches

Granny Will Your Dog Bite

Marching Round the Levee

Jump Josie

I'm Looking For the Bully of the Town

I'm A Hustler

I Stuck My Finger In A Crawdad's Hole

Jack of Diamonds

Uncle Johnny's Sick In Bed

Hush My Baby, Don't You Cry

Swing On the Golden Gate

There Is A Boarding House

Turn Over

Pap Caught A Crawdad

Little Birdie In the Tree

When I Die

My Baby Needs A Pair of Shoes

I Wish I Was A Little Rock

Speak To Me, Darling

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