Kingsville I 5/39

May 1, 1939 to May 2, 1939
Kingsville, Kleberg County, Texas, United States
Mexican ballads and play-party songs (in English and Spanish) recorded at the Moye home. From Ruby T. Lomax's field-notes: "The family of Mr.William Moye also was introduced by Professor Rickard. Mr. Moye invited us to set up our machine in his home, where his wife and children recorded some Mexican Border play party and other children's songs. Mr. Moye is a missionary to Mexicans, in charge of the Baptist Mexican Mission at Kingsville. He also teaches at night in the U.S. Citizenship Training Corps. Mrs. Moye was born in Torreon, Mexico, daughter of a well-known physician, Dr. S.N. Taffinder. Her mother was Carolina Gonzalos-Farino, from whom Mrs. Moye learned most of her songs. The Moye children are Jimmie, Margaret and Willie."

Señora Santana

Los Patitos (The Ducks)

Recording announcement

El Venadito (The Deer)

Naranja Dulce (Sweet Orange)

A la Viboron de la Mar (Snake of the Sea)

Te Amo En Secreto (I Love You In Secret)

En El Fondo Del Mar (At the Bottom Of the Sea)

Maria, Maria

La Potranquita (The Little Filly)

La Amor de Madre (Mother's Love)

Pretty Polly Hopkins

My Little Doll Dressed In Blue

Two and Two Are Four

Little Sheep, Have You Any Wool

The Dancing Negro (#1)

The Dancing Negro (#2)

Unidentified children's song (#1)

Unidentified song (#2)

Señora Santana

Cojito (The little cripple)

Se le quema la calabaza (Your pumpkin is burning)

Mi gatito (My little cat)

Yo tenia diez perritos (I had ten puppies) (#1)

Yo tenia diez perritos (I had ten puppies) (#2)

Patito morado (Little purple duck)

Tapami (Cover me up)

Unidentified children's song (#4)

Yo soy indito Mexicanito (I'm a little Mexican Indian)

Estrellita (Little star)

El parajito (The little parrot)

Los enanos (The little dwarfs)

La vaquilla colorada (The red heifer)

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