Kingsville II 5/39

May 1, 1939 to May 2, 1939
Kingsville, Kleberg County, Texas, United States
From Ruby T. Lomax's field notes: "Miss Olga Acevedo and Mr. Ruby Wilson were introduced by Professor J.A. Rickard, Professor of History in the College of Arts and Industries, and founder of the Tennessee Folk Lore Society. The singers are students of the college and their recordings were made under the grandstand of the college stadium. Miss Acevedo learned most of her songs from her mother. Mr. Wilson comes from the Piney Woods of East Texas near his home in Douglas, Texas. He has sung and played these songs and games all his life."

Two Babes In the Woods

Lairon, lairon, lairito

Naranja dulce limon partido

Senora Santana

Hebritas, Hebritas de oro

The Miller

Four In the Middle (#1)

Four In the Middle (#2)

Chicken In the Breadtray, Lula

Form A Figure Eight

Gents Go Center

Irish Trot


El bandolero

Ring Up Four, Ceily

Two and Four, Arouser

Sugar Lump

Old Dan Tucker

The Cat and the Mouse

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