Wiergate 5/39

Game songs performed by schoolchildren at the Wiergate school. From Ruby T. Lomax's field notes: "Wiergate is the headquarters of the Wier Lumber Company, which employs many Negro workmen. While we were waiting to see some the Wier officials, we drove over to 'the quarters,' or Negro settlement; on the school grounds we saw a group of small girls circling around and singing. We could not catch the words. Recess was soon over. As the children were marching in, Mrs. Lomax asked one of the girls what they were playing. 'Seed-tick,' she replied. With the permission of the principal and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Mack, an assembly was called. The same group of little girls sang and played Seed-tick into the microphone. This was followed by others in rapid succession before the buses came to take the children to their home[s]."

Here Comes Uncle Jesse (#1)

Here Comes Uncle Jesse (#2)

All Around the Green Apple Tree

Ring Around the Rosie

Seed Tick

London Bridge

Little Gal, Little Gal, Yes Ma'am (#1)

Little Gal, Little Gal, Yes Ma'am (#2)

Julie (#1)

Julie (#2)

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