Appears in 9 items.
Title Contributor(s) Date Track
Yankee / Interview with Mary Williams Performer: Lomax, Alan; Performer: Unidentified man; Performer: Williams, Mary 1962-05-18 1
Interview / Parrot Song Performer: Lomax, Alan; Performer: Williams, Mary 1962-05-18 2
Introduction / Da Ming Gal Performer: Williams, Mary 1962-05-18 3
Introduction / Somebody Go Dead Today Performer: Hector, Rawlingson; Performer: Lomax, Alan; Performer: Unidentified 1962-05-18 4
Talk/ambience Performer: Lomax, Alan; Performer: Skinner, Louis 1962-05-18 5
Story of the Golden Tree Performer: Skinner, Louis; Performer: Unidentified 1962-05-18 6
People Shouldn't Mind Other People's Business Performer: Hector, Rawlingson; Performer: Unidentified 1962-05-18 7
Johnny Who Was Sold To The Sea Performer: Malcolm, Reginald; Performer: Unidentified 1962-05-18 8
Announcement by Worsley Baptiste, Secretary of the Village Council Performer: Baptiste, Worsley 1962-05-18 9