Cumana 4/62

This session begins with instrumental performances involving cuatro—small four-stringed Venezuelan guitar—and fiddle (tape 1053, tracks 5, 7, 9), followed by the alternating lead-chorus singing style characteristic of bongo performances (tape 1053, tapes 10-12; and tape 1055, track 1, 3, 5, 7). Also, interspersed throughout this session are five interviews with individual performers (tape 1053, track 6, 8; and tape 1055, track 2, 6, 8). The instrumental performances are meant to accompany a number of dance styles, namely a bélè (song-dance), a quadrille (Afro-Caribbean interpretation of nineteenth-century European set dance), and a “jig.” Bongo performances occur at a Trinidadian wake and feature music and dance to placate ancestors.


Interview with Willie Louis about his biography

The Rain Is Falling Very Hard

Interview with Willie Louis about Mêmê and The Rain Is Falling Very Hard

Come, Baby, Come

Monokayo (I)

Monokayo (II)

Brother Boy, Come


Interview with unidentified men about bongo songs

Tonight Is A Bongo Night


Tiré, Tiré, Ça

Interview with Egbert Quinton about Tiré, Tiré, Ça


Interview with unidentified man about Danga-we

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