Mahaut II 6/62

This session features songs and song stories (kont) that typically accompany a wake. Styles / genres include bélè (also bèlè), hymns, and work songs, as well as a number of interviews.


Le Salut


A La Mort Pécheur


Reviens Pécheur

Je M'ai Qu'une Âme


Jeanie And Annie

Request for kont (song story) by Alan Lomax


Ti Ango

En Aille, En Aille, Dio En Aille

Interview with a performer about En Aille, En Aille, Dio En Aille

Belle Jou Jou, Belle Z' Oiseau D' Or

O Bele

Kanga Roulé

Interview with performers about Kanga Roulé

Elian Mama Cool Compra Son

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