Clarksdale 7/42

July 11, 1942 to July 28, 1942
Clarksdale, Coahoma County, Mississippi, United States

Meet Me In Jerusalem

When I Lay My Burden Down

Sweet Lamb of God

Preacher Let Your Heart Catch On Fire

In New Jerusalem

In New Jerusalem

Traveling On

The Buzzard Eats the Rabbit

The Hawk and the Buzzard

Sitting On Top of the World

Minglewood Blues

Interview about childrens' games

Spread My Raincoat Down

Interview about Spread My Raincoat Down and the meaning and origins of the blues

You Got To Roll (I)

You Got To Roll (II)


Just A Spoonful

I Love My Jelly Roll

Interview about Edwards' interest in music, his music-making father, and sinful music

Hellatakin' Blues

Interview about church-going, learning to play, and playing for dances

Interview about traveling, playing dances, various intoxicants, composing and recording

Worried Life Blues

Water Coast Blues

The Army Blues

Tear It Down

Three Suitors Who Were Fast Men

The Foolish Boy and the Preachers


Interview about storytelling, his biography, Bud Doggett, and tough guys


Mr. Bear and Mr. Rabbit (#1)

Mr. Bear and Mr. Rabbit (#2)

Three Sons Look for Their Fortune

The Woman Who Never Had No Man

Get Up In the Morning Soon (fragment)

Get Up In the Morning Soon

Casey Jones

Levee camp song (#1)

Toast on Mr. Chatmon and Bud Doggett

The Preacher and the Deacon's Wife

Levee camp song (#2)

Levee camp song (#3)

The Devil Counts Souls In the Graveyard


Man Runs Away from the Gunshot

The Lawyer, the Bookkeeper, and the Tramp Go to Mary

The Chicken Stealin' Man



The Queen of Africa (#1)

Shine and the Titanic (#1)


The Queen of Africa (#2)

Shine and the Titanic (#2)


Toast about preachers

The Railroad Men Go to Town

The Animals Have A Convention

The Lady Washing at the Spring


Frankie and Albert (#1)

Frankie and Albert (#2)


Where I Shall Wear the Golden Crown

Opening prayer

Do Remember Me

Preaching / Bible reading (Hebrews 13:12)

I'll Live On / Testimony


I'm Pressing On


Every Hour I'm With You / Testimonies

Jesus Is My Friend

With Angels Climbing the Golden Stairs

I Got A New World In My View


I Got A Heaven In My View

If You Put Your Trust In Jesus, Everything Will Be All Right





Sacramental sermon

At the Cross

Yea, Lord (part 1)

Yea, Lord (part 2)

Sacramental text

The Blood Has Made Me Whole



Yea, Lord

Praise Him

I'm Running for My Life

Sermon on foot-washing (part 1)

Sermon on foot-washing (part 2)

He Never Said A Mumbling Word

Sweeter As the Years Go By

Heaven's Going to Be My Home

Just Like Heaven to Me

Running Up the Shiny Way

I'm A Soldier In the Army of the Lord

Worship service: lighting the offering

I Claim Jesus First of All

Just A Little Talk With Jesus

Jesus Is My Everything (part 1)

Jesus Is My Everything (part 2)

Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Until I Found the Lord

The Usher

Sending Up My Timber

You Just Sing for Jesus

My Lord So High You Can't Go Over Him

Walk Around (fragment)

Please Don't Drive Me Away


Christ My Lord Is Coming Soon

Jesus Knows All About It

Precious Lord

I'm Toiling, Lord (#1)

Holy Baby

Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down

When I've Done the Best I Can, I Want My Crown

There's A King of Kings Somewhere

A Charge to Keep I Have

I'm Toiling, Lord (#2)

My Mind Done Changed (#1)

Katy, I Got To Go (To Judgment)

Rock, Daniel (#1)

Rock, Daniel (#2)

Run, Sinner, Run

There'll Be Preaching Tonight (On the Old Campground)

Outshine the Sun

On the Other Side of Jordan

The Chariot Jubilee

The Band In Gideon


Keep Inching Along

Tell Me How Long Has the Train Been Gone

Discussion of coon songs

Make Cindy Behave Herself

Discussion of square dance tunes and calls

That's What's the Matter With the Church Today

Clear the Line Before You Call

My Mind Done Changed (#2)

Discussion of getting religion; sinful habits; playing music, gambling, and fights at dances.

Hard Time in Blue Eagle Jail

John Henry

Interview about roustabouting, roustabout songs, and steamboating reminiscences

Worried Life Blues

If I Be Lifted Up

He Will Remember Me

When I See His Precious Rainbow In the Sky

Where Could I Go But to the Lord

Every Time I Feel the Spirit

There's No Hiding Place Down Here

Piano solo

Wait A Little While

Unidentified hymn

Hallelujah, Amen

Does Anybody Know My Lord

I Know I've Been Converted

The Man of Galilee (part 1)

The Man of Galilee (part 2)

Jesus Will Be With Me In My Dying Hour

Fo' Day Blues/Interview

Unidentified ragtime tune (#1)

Walking Billy/Interview

Unidentified ragtime tune (#2)

Interview about Clarksdale's red-light district, his jazz band and their tunes (part 1)

Interview about Clarksdale's red-light district, his jazz band and their tunes (part 2)

Interview about early blues

Corrina, Corrina/Careless Love/Interview

Love Me

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