Erfoud II 9/67

At the wedding in Erfoud on September 17th, 1967, Alan Lomax recorded songs by the troupe of Monsieur Abderrahmane ben Mohamed, featuring lead vocals from Tahar ben Larbi. Most of the songs are in praise of King Hassan II (1929–1999). The Tafilalet region, in which Erfoud is situated, is the ancient seat of Morocco’s current ruling family, the Alaouite Dynasty, who made their first capital at the now-vanished city of Sijilmassa in this region. The Tafilalet area remains a bastion of support for the monarchy, as evidenced by the laudatory sentiments expressed in these songs.

Microphone test

Wedding speech by unidentified musician (fragment)

Moulay al-Hassan, Sahib ul-Jalalah (His Majesty, Noble Hassan)

Members of Monsieur Abderrahmane ben Mohamed's troupe introduce themselves

Yal Hassan at-Tani! (false start)

Yal Hassan at-Tani! (Oh, Hassan The Second)

Ya Malikna (Oh, Our King) (part 1)

Ya Malikna (Oh, Our King) (part 2)


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