Ourika Valley 9/67

Recorded at a large souq (marketplace) in the Ourika Valley, southeast of Marrakesh. Conversations and bargaining, followed by a selection of minstrel songs representing the tradition of the itinerant Amazigh bard, or rais. The rais traditionally acts as a mediator between village and metropolis in High Atlas society, and his amarg (improvised verses) often draw upon social, religious, and political commentary, as well as witty and humorous anecdotes and tales of his travels.

Conversations at Ourika Souq (I)

Conversations at Ourika Souq (II)

Conversations of Ourika Souq (III) (part 1)

Conversations at Ourika Souq (III) (part 2)

Adhan (fragment)


Wujma's song

Interview with Wujma, the first rais

Wujma's poetry

Interview with Wujma about his musical background

Conversation with interpreter (fragment)

Translation of Wujma's song

The second rais' song (part 1)

The second rais' song (part 2)


Kamanjah instrumental (part 1) (with interpreter's commentary)

Kamanjah instrumental (part 2)

The Man Who Plows the Barley

Interview with the third rais

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